Tyga — Maybe текст песни (слова) lyrics

B*tch I’m the sh*t
B*-bitch I’m the sh*t
Repeat it to yo b*tch, tell yo b*tch I’m the sh*t
Im so dis-disrespectful, ask them b*tches that you next to
Prolly hit it if I met you

I dont remember none of yall names
This ain’t legal in yall state
This that firearm, that cherry bomb
I light it in yo face

Mr. Eddison, I put it on
That jury in my state, now your vision gone
My bad my dog, I’m sippin on that case
Might go corozone my face

Watch yo step nig*a
What you deaf nig*a, dont you ever
Greet me with yo f*ckin left ni*ga
Thang it up, I can spot you way quicka
Im in that fashion district polo f*ck that hilfiger

Ya Maybe you some bullsh*t and I talk that real sh*t
Im bout to hit that kill switch and burn this b*tch like chile
Im illa-est so evident, I just threw my evidence
In the crowd I dont give a sh*t, too many people just got them tips

Im hoggin, slim skinny ni*ga dope ballin
Pay cash for the cash man ralph lauren carlton
You’re just a square in the office
Arlis ima need agent I’m spading

Big donky butt
She can be my target
I pinned the tail
I did it well

Well done
So applaud me
This beat got me jogging
Easy for a cave man

Im inline you talkin
Cooler than my ray bans
Darker shades rain man
Get the cash rain man

Killa j’s space jam
The motherf*ckin son of sam ughhh
Pull up in the all white ice box
Hottest out the sweat shop
Pull a bear mink out

Ugh Ni*ga
Im the motherf*ckin truth
You aint noticed what I do
You don’t do this how I do
I be rollin 3×2

Yes that beat enough this spoof
I got that photoproof
Photobooth no photoshop
Redbean I’m super hot
Wait till my albumout
Nig*a I’m true

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