Tyga — Hard in the paint текст песни (слова) lyrics

Uh, I ain’t never been cheap
I spend it all
Never made varsity, but I f*cking ball
Fourteen? F*ck school I’m a rapper dog
Snapback boy, take that f*cking fitted off!

Fall to their knees
Plead for their right to breathe
Lord please devour all my enemies!
That was Pac talkin’

B*tch now back up off me
I’m that yellow gold boss and you looking Boston
Walk the water if I could b*tch I think I’m Moses
Tell them shut the f*ck up! with all that commotion

Counting money get enough
Get a promotion
I’m sizzlin’ up hotter than a bowl of momma porridge
Whole body covered in green like dinosaurs
Get me neck baby bend all your spinal cords

Uh, goofy a*s goofy goofy
Tryin’a blend in like a mothaf*cka smoothie
Take a seat you f*cking up the movie
I’m on the couch standing while you staring at the movement

Young Money b*tch I do this!
Hand in the mind, both sides, one lie
Two crimes other side don’t fire
Fully dazed like a dream
I ain’t moving bitch we groovin’

Rell said it’s 5 Duece Hoover, fully trippin I could prove it (uh)
Switch blade where ma boot is
All that sweet talk leave a ni*ga to-toothless
Now u goofy

I’m a a*shole
And ma car doofus
Mikey rock chucks like cool kids (b*tch)
It so dangerous
Haters envy me cause they ang-ry

So if you want that beef
Then the b*tch then I’m arranging it
More famous then these no name nig*as that you hanging with
All my homies on like the cables is
Sa-Sa-Say go

Watch TV Tyga psycho
Don’t play Tycho
50 tyson I’ll bite you
No license, still drivin
Use to lease now I buy it

Ho cash blood diamonds
Nig*as violent, babies crying
Mr nice guy (nice guy)
Come sell the product
I’m a nice guy (nice guy)

But I never went to college (hahaha)
Can’t live long in the imagination
Don’t compare to no basic
Bitch I’m better
Stop debatin’ mothaf*cka

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