Tyga — Can’t be friends текст песни (слова) lyrics

Whether the game of love ends on a bad note
Or being honest make the trust grow
Apparentally it make you argue more
The more things you throw

DVD’s and my dirty clothes
Telling me shutup, I’m leavin’ you
The reason you ain’t even got one
It wasn’t true

Look at her, now look at you
I know we ain’t perfect
But I made our world utopia
How could you not notice

In denial cause you’re used to losin’
Put me through, it ain’t the answer to it
Put on my Vans, take a walk to cool it
But you was always a test and I’m a student

Tryin my best
But I never get the right solutions
I swear it’s one thing after another one
F*ck it I’m done
Am I done?

Mother say I’m too young
But what that mean?
I took a chance and now I’m playin
The game of love

Now it’s never ending
Forever chasin’
That first feeling
On a quest for a womans treasure

They keep it hidden
I gotta find love even if it kill me
(I gotta find love even if it kill me)
Can run into it anyday

But knowing me I prolly never meet
Only speak when a fan speak
Never chattin’ with a stranger
But there’s something about this
Girl that got me thinkin’ (Damn)

I-Phone accidentally called her
Says hello? Silent moment
Man, I been missin’ you
And I know you miss me too

She sighed then she said
Thought we’d be together ’till the end
And this the end
So good luck with your career
Cause we can no longer be friends anymore

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