Justin Bieber — Fights Back In The Boxing Ring текст песни (слова) lyrics

Hey Mike Tyson here speakin with the Canibus man over here
Yo Canibus your main objective out here is to do nuttin but
eat eat eat eat MC’s, for lunch, breakfast
Hey man they been playin me all my life man
You know I won the title a couple of times did right
No but they can’t hurt us man
We gonna do it, get up in this ring man, put on these gloves
Let me show you how to handle this yourself man

So I’ma let the world know the truth, you don’t want me to shine
You studied my rhyme, then you laid your vocals after mine
That’s a bitch move

Man you gotta hit harder than that man
We’re warriors man, when we go into battle
We come out, or don’t come out at all

You better give me the respect that I deserve or I’ma take it by force
Blast you with a 45 colt, make you summersault
Shock you with a couple hundred thousand volt thunderbolts
Before you wanted a war, now you wanna talk

(Bring it on baby!)

And if you really want to show off, we can get it on
Live in front of the cameras on your own sitcom
I’ll let you kick a verse, fuck it, I’ll let you kick em all
I’ll even wait for the studio audience to applaud [cheers]

[Mike Tyson]
Yo Canibus man, you movin like Mike Tyson Jr. man
You in and out and you’re agile with you flow man
But dig right, you got you gotta eat man, that’s your name Canibus
Your whole agenda is to eat these niggaz man
They have no business to be in the same stage with you
holdin the mic with you

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