Voyager — Stare Into The Night текст песни(слова,lyrics)

Lonely nights take me down to the riverside
and I know what you’re gonna do there.
Precious times I know are hard to come by,
and I know what you’re going to say to me…

I just want you to understand that you are my friend
and nothing can change that for me. Can it change it for you?

Because then I’m gonna tell you that
I am not in this game unless you tell me what you say is true.

Into the sky I go and I don’t know why I am here now
Figure it out if you can believe this
Something is there I know but I stare into the night, stare into the night with you

This is not what you think
This is not what you know
Let me tell you that don’t understand so let me go away
And I tell you what you’re doing to me is not
what you have wanted all this time to be!

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