Tyga — World on the street текст песни (слова) lyrics

Word on the street I got gold bricks

[Verse 1:]
Word on the street I got gold bricks
Put kinggold chains on yo b*tch
Let’her cry for me, that’s hooty and a blowfish
She gon blow d*ck til she pop, how many licks?

Blow this popsicle, stand quick
Insane nig*as, getting bent in a Bentley
Hothead trigger ni*ga, don’t tempt me
Make that a*s shake like a Wendy’s frosty (frost bit)

In the middle week, Jebediah
I’m the great Alexander Empire
Bubble gum, put shrimp on yo dinner
Rocky Balboa, heart of a lion

Tyga, not to be f*cked with, tyrant
On the highest level, top of mount Zion
She said she never f*cked me, but she’s lyin
Team so strong, could’ve been the Minnesota Viking, f*ck it!

Two tears ni*ga in a bucket
You don’t like me and b*tch I love it
Livin life reckless, gold b*tch stay nugget
Step on curry, got 30 in the luggage

F*ck that b*tch, she’ll never get a lover
Timbuktu, reincarnated king Musa
Talkin bout medusa, these ni*gas just losers
You ain’t even do sh*t, I’m the coach that’s coolest

T ruler, sharp shooter, red ruga, not human
Lex Luthor, super mutant, still bruising
Steel chrome, still ruthless, translucent
Probably the best to do this

Ho I ain’t gotta prove sh*t
The proof’s in the bank b*tch
Do this sh*t for my kids’ kids
In the papadoce, you don’t even know what that is ni*ga

Word on the street I got gold bricks
Word on the street I got gold bricks

[Verse 2:]
Heath Ledger, pill poppin, no jokin
Stanley Kubrick, eyes wide die opened
So doctor, this ain’t Broadwayin
Tom foolery, yall ni*gas horse playin

Most hated cuz the crib most gated
Most cars, a lot of broads, the most dated
Your cars pass through expiration
Second to none, no offense, none taken

Stick up, I’m hijakin em back
I’m the sh*t bubblewrap, get rap to rap
Flow god, that is so hot
Step on yo back b*tch

Now you hunchback and launch from the launchin pad
Lougin at the pack
T-Raw the best rapper in there and I’m flexin 600 grand on my lap
Instagram, take the pilot jet ready

That’s an instant plane
F*ck yall, nig*as couch mane
Actin ashamed, don’t be a slave
Put yo check on the table

By the end of the days paid hey hey
Blake fair at the world fair, f*ck fair
When them near smell roast in the air
Oh yea? Who that ni*ga with the big a*s gat?

That’s me with the big a*s gat
It’s a sabertooth
Hater eat yo life in a big a*s flash
No pork on my plate, ni*ga still goin ham

Word on the street I got gold bricks
Word on the street I got gold bricks
Word on the street I got gold bricks

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