Tyga — Luv dem текст песни (слова) lyrics

Let’s play black car, black automo
For the love of money, I’mma die hard
F*ckin’ role model
Tell these bitches play your part

I blew up off one take,
I take a dime, a movie star
Foreign cars, my language off
Old-school like Coolie, ha

Your b*tch she gettin’ sodomized
My money blink like Lloyd’s eyes
These nig*as tellin’ like all lies
Say they want beef but they French fries

I’m hot poppin,’ ni*ga deep fried
These b*tches sweatin’ me, perspire
Tell Nicky, she want China she’ll turn you out
Had a white b*tch like No Doubt

Bustin’ nuts for four hours
I’m on a jet gettin’ drugged out
Jordan face, her tongue out
I’m throwing money like paper routes

My flow hard like the worst gout
She eat pu*sy, cat down
Can’t see me, background
School nig*as, cap gown

Click clack, smoke cloud
Lumberjack, tall nig*as
Paul Bunyan, I wish you would
All my nig*as like Trayvon

Ready to die for they hood
Ball hard, no f*ckin’ catch
My sh*t real, your figures wax
Your Rollie ain’t Rolex

Like Mankind, get socked next
We don’t f*ck with P90X
Cause all my niggas they do is flex
My car made for races

Like to f*ck with rednecks
I’m on some different sh*t
Hop out then I pull up
Motherf*ckin’ little Mikey icey like cooler

I don’t need no help
Never f*cked with no tutors
Talkin’ all that head
Throw me in your medulla

T Raww I’m steppin’ out
Bail money I’m handin’ out
I ain’t scared of y’all nig*as
Manny Pacquiao

Strip search, I pat her down
Wiz Khalifa, I’m smokin’ loud
Like A$AP I got a f*ckin’ problem
F*ckin’ problem, I’m a problem child

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