Tyga — Lovagain текст песни (слова) lyrics

[Verse 1]
I think I started something
New chick, just started f*cking
Kinda early but I know we both love it
We both rushing

We can add titles but then we both cuffing
Rolling in the sheets until midnight moaning
I’mma go down south, then call it whoah there
Pu*sy pink like like a lotus

I’mma eat it good like something out of lars
I’m all good like a summer day
Blowing out the cake, blowing novocaine
She really shouldn’t but she prone to the lifestyle

TAC, ecstasy, in the white cells
Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?
Baby pick up heard she with some nig*as
Ballplayers, playing pickup
My pretty little princess, now she promiscuous

Supposed to be my misses, out here f*cking ni*gas
I ain’t tripping, I’mma get another b*tch
I don’t mean the sh*t, it’s too hard to end the sh*t
I’d rather stay than call it quits
And now we fall in love again

[Verse 2]
Real nig*a got hoes on my d*ck, oh
Couldn’t see ’em, love how my eyes closed
Now I see ’em, ain’t nothing worth it though
Rather be with you than out here a lonely soul

On the road, entertainment hoes
B*tches I don’t know tweeting from their camera phones
Man this sh*t getting old
I just hope we still involved

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