Joe Cocker — Just Like Always текст песни (слова) видео клип

Every year when this day rolls around
I think of the night we both tore up the town
And I wonder if your’re laughing with your eyes glowing
Making pretty conversation where the wine’s flowing
And running and playing just like always

Every day at least one time
I picture your face in the back of my mind
Smiling at the ocean with your eyes shining
Your hair’s a red river and it’s all mine
You’re a thousand days, just like always

Maybe someday I really will forget
Maybe start to live again a life without regret
Funny isn’t it, but the man ain’t laughing yet
Does love really last forever
Does the ocean miss the sunset everytime

I pass your street, I look both ways
So incomplete
And I think that I might see you
Lord knows I won’t
I wish that you would call me

But I know you won’t
But I love you anyway
Just like always
Just like always
Just like always

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